Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cock Museum - Best Balls

This hot straight guy submitted his pics for the Cock Museum... As of now he is the winner in the Best Bull Balls Category. When I saw this stud, I could smell the testosterone. I don't know what it is, but straight men are just so fucking hot... They rock my world!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Smell. I'm always astonished that this even needs to be said. Body odor is good. Of course every smell is not good to every person, but that's the point. How someone smells is probably the best indicator of weather or two people are going to hit it off. Some guys like it more raunchy and deep, some like it a bit cleaner, but no matter what your taste, perfume and deodorant is never helpful in sniffing out the situation. We are animals with a very long past evolutionary history. We developed learning to assess a situation by smell. My first partner told me that he picked all his partners by smell. At the time that seemed new to me, but now I can tell exactly what he meant. Smell can convey so much about a person... mood, health, sexual readiness... not to mention good old fashioned horniness. A person will smell differently if they are anxious or relaxed, happy or sad, stressed or relaxed, the list goes on.
Don't get me wrong, cleanliness has it's place, but this current trend (especially among young men) of spraying that ridiculous Ax body spray all over is completely at odds with the goal of getting laid. It covers up your natural body odor to the point that you may as well be impotent. I guess straight men think that women like it because they so often wear that crap too. We are all such victims of marketing. It wasn't until advertising agencies told us that we all stank that we started obsessively scrubbing our skin raw in the interest of hygiene. It has had the opposite effect. Obsessive showering and scrubbing with soaps and perfumes has caused many skin aliments over the years. To counter all those skin aliments, they then started to sell us all kinds of drugs to 'fix' the problem.
this is not just a gay thing. Straight men can tell by the smell of a women if she is receptive or not.
I tend to go to bars where detectable perfumes are not allowed. It's pretty funny to see some guy try to go to a bar where the real men hang out only to be told that they smell like a girl, so they can't come inside. that's usually all it takes to break them of that perfume habit. the other thing that can break someone of the deodorant and perfume habit is experiencing a really good 'pit-job. If you never had someone really take some time to really lick your pits, you don't know what you're missing. It's great weather you are the one getting the pit-job or giving one, but I can tell you this... if you get a mouthful of aluminum, the first lick will be the last.
So give it a break! try taking a whole weekend without taking a shower... wow, a whole two days without a shower. Let your body odor attract the person who is right for you. You may be surprised at how well it works.
I guess it bears repeating that I'm not talking about good basic hygiene. I mean, if you smell like shit that's a different issue. Or, if you don't brush and floss your teeth then I doubt very many people will want to be around you.
For the love of God... even if you have to take a shower everyday, throw that fucking perfume away and save the deodorant for that big job interview or the big company meeting and let people get a whiff of your natural manly smell!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Uncut Crusader

There is no greater political/sexual issue than circumcision. I generally feel like I'm beating my head against the wall with issue, but It's a good way to get a discussion going on my blog.
Circumcision is the weirdest thing we do to new born males that there is. All I hear out there is that children come first, protect the children's rights. But one of the first things we do to new born males in America is subject them to a very extreme body modification procedure that can hold it's own amongst the most primitive tribes in the amazon. In fact, I'm pretty sure that primitive tribes don't whack off pieces of their children until much older, when they go through coming of age rituals. If you try to get your doctor to circumcise your daughter, they will take your baby away from you and declare you unfit to parent, if not put you in jail. But try getting out the door of the hospital with your son in one piece... It will be like running the gauntlet. I'm not comparing the act of female circumcision to that of males... the girls clearly are the ones more at medical risk with the procedure that is performed on them. It is right for it to be banned outright. I just don't see why we allow one and not he other.Usually it comes down to this infection thing. It may get infected, so we better cut it off now. If we follow that logic, then we may want to gouge out your children's ears - they will almost certainly get infected someday. There's nothing else like it in modern medicine today. There are no other preemptive amputations that take place in the name of preventing infections. If you really press the medical staff on the issue, sometimes it just breaks down to emotional appeals about your son not being able to fit in with the crowd or not looking like his daddy. I once had this discussion with a female doctor who, after becoming exasperated at my never ending rebuttals to her arguments for circumcision finally told me that it just looks prettier! I felt like slapping her, but at least it's the closest thing to honesty I ever got out of a doctor on the issue.
I have a friend who was caught masturbating by his mother one day when he was 16 years old. How she didn't know that her son wasn't circumcised I do not know, but she was in shock at the sight. The next day she brought him tot he doctor and had him circumcised. The brutality of this act will not leave him. he's scared for life - pun intended. Other men I've talked to who had a circumcision later on in life (yes there are times when circumcisions are medically required, but they rarely have to be completely removed. I also have no problem with an adult deciding to get a circumcision for himself) have described sex before and after circumcision as the difference between seeing in color and black and white. The head of the penis is not regular skin that covers the rest of our body. It's more like the inside of your lips, or your tongue. The foreskin is there to protect the head of the penis. All the constant rubbing of an uncircumcised penis on underwear and pants, over time lessen the sensitivity of the head of the penis.
God didn't make a defective product when he made the penis. All of it is there for a reason, and the hubris, selfishness and arrogance of parents, doctors and insurance companies is outrageous and criminal. Maybe if parents or doctors or (heaven forbid) insurance companies start getting sued or put in jail we can finally put an end to this very clear violation of human rights.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm back

Sorry, just needed a break. You can find my new blog at
It's less of a blog and more of a running story with pics, etc.... I'll use this one for things such as politics, religion, health, commentary as it relates to sex... 
Thanks for checking it out

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scottredleter is dead

Thanks to those of you who enjoyed the blog and posted a reply or two. sometimes you just have to let a dream die. The dream of being an artist can be a hurtful and painful one that stops one from living ones life. Scott Redleter is dead and his art has been destroyed. Probably one of the most freeing things i've ever done.
Love, peace and enlightenment to all...
Scott Redleter