Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scottredleter is dead

Thanks to those of you who enjoyed the blog and posted a reply or two. sometimes you just have to let a dream die. The dream of being an artist can be a hurtful and painful one that stops one from living ones life. Scott Redleter is dead and his art has been destroyed. Probably one of the most freeing things i've ever done.
Love, peace and enlightenment to all...
Scott Redleter


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed you, thanks for all the pics, and the words of wisdom. I wish you the very best luck, lust and love.
Your brother
seb cox

kimmo_matias said...

Oh damn... I just came across your blog. I wish you the best though, with everything.

Garg Man said...

I started a new blog at
What can I say? I'm a crazy artist, and that comes with all the crazy artist ways